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Ledger is dedicated to supporting artists as part of our mission to secure the world’s critical digital assets. We are partnering with influential creatives to bring web3 technology to life in user-friendly, intuitive, and culturally meaningful ways. Today, you can discover new artists and collect artwork from your favorite digital creators, all within the security of [ L ] Market.

Inspired by Ledger

Inspired by Ledger is a patronage program for digital artists and creatives. Ledger commissions artists from within the web3 ecosystem to create works that explore the Ledger brand and mission. The commissioned works are dropped as timed open editions, claimable for free by the Ledger passholder community. Check today’s available artworks and stay tuned for upcoming drops.

Art On Ledger Stax

The Art On Ledger Stax Collection brings together 5 notable generative artists to create algorithms that produce artworks specifically designed and formatted for Ledger Stax’s screen.

Dropping in Summer 2023, Art on Ledger Stax will be the first-ever generative art drop to take place on [ L ] Market, available for free claim by Art On Ledger Stax Mint Pass holders. Learn more about the drop, the artists, and how you can get a Mint Pass, here.

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