September 7th 2022


About the Project

After touring with the hardcore punk band Trash Talk for more than 10 years, musicians Lee Spielman and Garrett Stevenson drew inspiration from legendary DIY venues of the past to conceive of BRICK.

A music venue by night and a community-run creative space by day, BRICK will serve as an artistic and educational hub for our members. BRICK will host an eclectic variety of events: live music concerts, comedy shows, screen-printing workshops, even financial literacy and crypto security classes brought to you by Ledger, and many more to be announced.

Holders of the NFTs get voting rights over what BRICK will do with the venue, as well as free entry to all events with a plus-one. BRICK is set to host a concert once a month, each coming along with a unique concert t-shirt and poster designed in collaboration with a selected artist. BRICK holders get first access to all shows and custom-designed merchandise.

For those who don't live in Los Angeles, BRICK will be buying land in the metaverse and streaming all concerts and classes there. Digital merchandise will also be created and airdropped to holders each time BRICK hosts an event.

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General Info

80% of the mint goes into a Ledger Vault wallet. The wallet will be used to rent the venue and pay for programming, staff, and other holder-voted activations.

1 week after reveal, BRICK will conduct a snapshot. Holders will have the opportunity to claim a unique physical brick in the walls of the venue, according to this snapshot data. Each physical brick’s design will depend on how many BRICK NFTs a holder has.

  1. 1-2 BRICKS = Red founding BRICK
  2. 3-9 BRICKS = Silver founding BRICK
  3. 10-19 BRICKS = Gold founding BRICK
  4. 20+ BRICKS = 3M founding BRICK
  5. Your quantity of BRICKS = your power in community votes. 1 BRICK = 1 vote.

URL Engagements

  • BRICK will build a Metaverse venue which mirrors the physical venue.
  • BRICK will conduct token-gated live streams of all events.
  • BRICK will publish token-gated masterclasses – all workshops will be filmed and uploaded to a token gated discord channel.
  • BRICK will airdrop all artist collaboration flyers and merch for each show to holders.
  • BRICK will give holders access to limited-edition clothing collaborations.

IRL Engagements

  • BRICK will host monthly musical performances.
  • BRICK will provide the community with a selection of musical acts prior to each concert, allowing holders to vote on which artists they want to see perform at the venue.
  • BRICK will hold Web3 workshops in collaboration with Ledger to provide educational opportunities to those who may not have access to these resources; Available to anyone who would like to attend.
  • BRICK will work with other NFT communities & projects to provide innovative Web3-centric experiences to BRICK holders.
  • BRICK will offer art workshops instructed by a wide variety of visual artists, from skilled painters to renowned photographers to successful entrepreneurs to game changing graphic designers.
  • BRICK will produce limited-edition concert posters in collaboration with amazing artists, some web2 & some web3, for holders to enjoy.
  • BRICK will grant community members access to limited edition clothing collaborations and pop-up events.
[ Team ]

Garrett Stevenson, Founder

A native of Berkeley, California, Garrett Stevenson is a multi-disciplinary artist and a co-founder of Trash Talk and Babylon LA. Playing guitar in the band and collaborating with various other artists, he has spent a decade touring the world’s biggest stages. Currently residing in LA, he and his partner Lee Spielman have consistently evolved Babylon LA as a physical DIY space for creatives to connect and collaborate. Garrett continues to create community spaces for the youth, helping them find their own way around the world.

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Lee Spielman, Founder

Lee Spielman is a co-founder and lead vocalist for the band Trash Talk, as well as the co-founder of Babylon LA - a creative shop and community space for youth. Following the DIY ethos of punk music, the native Californian has spent over a decade providing spaces for the youth to express themselves through different mediums. Over the years, Lee and his partner Garrett have explored and blended their interests, from music to skating to clothing and beyond. The common goal of all of these projects is providing resources through welcoming community-driven spaces.

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Garrett Gutierrez, Advisor

Garrett is a creative consultant who works with an eclectic variety of musicians and brands worldwide. Spending half of his adulthood between LA and Tokyo, he’s helped bridge the gap between entertainment and culture across the two territories. Garrett has displayed his creative and branding capabilities over the last couple years through launching GOSHI, a skincare brand that has done collaborations with a number of his peers including GOLF WANG, Brain Dead, Dr. Woo and more. Featured in publications such as GQ, Vogue, Good Morning America, Byrdie, and Hypebeast, the brand continues to grow its imprint.

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REMIO, Artist

Remio is an artist and graffiti writer hailing from Norway. He discovered graffiti in his early teens after his family relocated to Canada, eventually going on to form the VTS crew with other like-minded writers in Vancouver. After a move to San Francisco in the mid-2000s, his unique approach to street bombing was recognized and celebrated throughout the graffiti world and beyond. He has since gone on to showcase his art on streets and in galleries around the globe. He has collaborated with other artists like Barry McGee, Os Gemeos, and Hiroshi, to name a few, as well as with brands like Huf, FTP, and RVCA. Remio currently resides in Paris, where he continues to be prolific in the studio and in the streets.

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Petty Crimes (aka Niche VTS) is a graffiti writer, graphic artist, and designer from Melbourne, Australia. He began writing graffiti at 11 years old, using the skill as a passport to explore the world and create a global network of friends and collaborators. In the late-2000s, he dove into the skate and streetwear industries working as a designer and illustrator. He’s since gone on to work with brands like Bodega, Pizza Skateboards, Babylon, and Beyond The Streets. Petty Crimes is now a single father raising his daughter in Northern California, where he continues to work as a freelance graphic artist.

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Keenan Shur, Artist

Keenan Shur is a Southern California-based illustrator and digital artist with celebrated experience in the skateboarding, music, apparel, and lifestyle industries. His work is recognizable for its unique, signature style, inspiring collaborations with leading brands. An artist by training and a graphics visionary by trade, his work compels a broad and diverse audience while always remaining true to his definitive artistic consistency.