December / 2022
Ledger Stax
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Introducing Ledger Stax. Experience uncompromising security in an innovative design with the world’s first curved E Ink touch screen—our largest display yet.

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[ L ] Market Exclusive
The Ledger STAX NFT Bundle

You get 2 NFTs:

1. The Ledger Stax NFT: Redeem this NFT for a Ledger Stax, and a free Magnet Shell—a protective case for your Ledger Stax—on starting 19th December. Starts shipping by the end of spring 2023.

2. The Art on Ledger Stax Mint Pass NFT: Use this NFT to mint a random artwork from the ‘Art on Ledger Stax Collection’ at [ L ] Market in summer 2023.



The Art On Ledger Stax Collection invited 5 notable digital artists to craft algorithms that create generative NFT artworks. These artworks are specifically designed and formatted for Ledger Stax’s screen.

Dropping in Summer 2023, Art on Ledger Stax will be the first-ever generative art drop to take place on 
[ L ] Market, available for free claim by Art On Ledger Stax Mint Pass holders.



Andreas Gysin, born in Zurich, is an artist, designer and coder.

Known by the pseudonym ertdfgcvb, Andreas specializes in procedural graphic design and interactive installations. Research, experimentation, analysis and discovery are the foundational principles which form the creative process for both his artistic and commercial projects.

His generative art projects use ASCII characters to create artworks in a constant state of transition. Gysin is currently based in Paris.

Follow on Twitter: @andreasgysin

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    Moon Terminal 1, 2021



    Linda Dounia is a self-taught artist and curator born and raised in Senegal.

    Her work explores the social construction of power and the cultural implications of how power is distributed. Dounia’s practice is a conversation between physical and digital mediums, by way of AI. Dounia incorporates image-making principles learned through her training as a designer.

    Follow on Twitter: @LindaDouniaR

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    Gooey Bugs Channel 11, 2021



    Sarah Ridgley is a US-based generative artist and creative coder who has been exploring generative art and blockchain technology since 2019. 
Her work exists within the collaborative spaces between humans and technology, aiming to reflect the human-drawn through code-driven, computer-drawn mark making.

    Using Processing (p5js) and JavaScript for her programmatic development, Ridgely designs her own algorithmic brushes to execute what she refers to as works of highly-ordered chaos, born out of the introduction of random parameters into hyper clean code.

    Follow on Twitter: @sarah_ridgley

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    Grapheme #173, 2022



    Sasha Stiles is a first-generation Kalmyk-American poet, artist and AI researcher probing the intersection of text and technology.

    Her work fuses elements of semiotics, translation, computer science, speculative design, visual poetry and conceptual art. Stiles’ ongoing experiments with natural language processing tools posit new modes of human-machine collaboration, and challenge what we think we know about cognition and creativity.

    Follow on Twitter: @sashastiles

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    Fragment 20, 2022



    Kwame Bruce Busia, known as Studio Yorktown in the Web3 space, is a multidisciplinary artist from London, currently living and working from Dubai.

    He is well-known for the generative works he has produced within the Tezos ecosystem, and on Ethereum.

    Freely transitioning across aesthetic styles, Studio Yorktown’s work is defined by attention to detail and simplicity of concept, guided by Wabi-Sabi philosophy, the design work of Bauhaus, and the principles of repetition, material, and balance.

    Follow on Twitter: @StudioYorktown

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    Asanoha, 2022



    The Art On Ledger Stax Mint Pass allows holders to mint an artwork NFT in the Art On Stax Generative NFT Drop. Mint Passes will be issued on a one-to-one basis to purchasers of the Ledger Stax NFT. Each Art On Stax Mint Pass will be redeemable for one artwork, from 1 of the 5 participating artists, which will be minted at random.


    Conditional sale: Please note that delivery of Ledger Stax is conditional upon completion of the applicable product certification process.

    Should the product certification not be obtained, Ledger will refund you the purchase price of the Ledger Stax NFT.

    Refund procedure: In the event that product certification is not obtained, Ledger will burn your Ledger Stax NFT and any tokens connected to this NFT (at Ledger's cost). At the point of burning, Ledger will record your wallet address and then transfer ETH to your wallet address in an amount that equals the original purchase price. The amount reimbursed will be the Euro equivalent of the initial purchase minus the gas fees paid to mint the Ledger Stax NFT.

    Please note that to be eligible for the refund, you need to be the current holder of the Ledger Stax NFT and any other token connected to it at the point of burning.

    Other consumer rights: These rules applicable to this conditional sale are in addition to any statutory rights you may have under relevant consumer law. These rules are not intended to limit or exclude such rights.



    12/05/2022, 12:00 PM undefined (UTC)

    On December 5th at 12pm UTC a snapshot of [ L ] Market pass holders was taken. Addresses will be able to mint 1 Ledger Stax NFT for every [ L ] Market pass they hold.

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    Genesis Pass Mint

    02Genesis Pass Mint

    From December 7th to December 13th Genesis Pass holders have exclusive access to mint.

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    Collab Mint

    12/13/2022, 05:00 PM undefined (UTC)
    03Collab Mint

    If you own an NFT from any of our PREMINT collabs, you can register through PREMINT to join the Allowlist. Once you are on the Allowlist, you can mint the Bundle on December 13.

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    Public Mint

    12/14/2022, 05:00 PM undefined (UTC)
    04Public Mint

    Public mint is available on December 14th. To mint the bundle all you need is a wallet and 0.22 ETH.

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    Redeem Ledger Stax

    05Redeem Ledger Stax

    You can redeem your Ledger Stax today at

    Note that all claims are final and can not be changed

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    Art On Ledger Stax Generative NFT Drop

    06Art On Ledger Stax Generative NFT Drop

    The Art On Ledger Stax Mint Pass allows holders to mint an artwork NFT in the Art On Stax Generative NFT Drop. Mint Passes will be issued on a one-to-one basis to purchasers of the Ledger Stax NFT. Each Art On Stax Mint Pass will be redeemable for one artwork, from 1 of the 5 participating artists, which will be minted at random.

    Coming summer 2023

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