01.[what is ledger genesis pass?]


The [ Ledger ] Market Pass — Genesis Edition is an NFT that includes access to exclusive collaborations, limited edition hardware, and more. Each pass comes with the ability to redeem a limited edition black-on-black Nano X starting November 3rd, 2022.

A snapshot of holders of the [ L ] Market Pass - Genesis Edition NFT was taken at block height 15767683 on October 17, 2022. The [ Ledger ] Market - Black-on-Black Nano X NFT collection was airdropped to those addresses.

How does The Black-on-Black Nano X redemption work?

Only the current owner of the NFT will be able to redeem the black-on-black Nano X. There is one redemption per NFT. Upon redemption, the NFT is permanently destroyed.

Holders of the [ L ] Market Pass — Black-on-Black Nano X NFT will be able to connect their wallet on a dedicated page on ledger.com. After connecting your wallet, your NFT ownership will be verified, and you will be able to claim your black-on-black Nano X. You will complete a $0 checkout on ledger.com.

Please note that due to local regulations, there are certain countries we cannot ship to.

Genesis Pass
Genesis Pass